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Potpourri: Yoder,O’Connor, and Cleveland

Last week, after some evenings of Olympics fatigue, I spent awhile poking around on Youtube. I found a small potpourri of varied items, all of potential interest to curious theological minds.

The first is a 10-minute clip of John Howard Yoder discussing the limitations of democracy. Yoder wrote about democracy and its possibilities from a radical Anabaptist view in the essay “The Christian Case for Democracy,” found in The Priestly Kingdom. Here he ruminates fascinatingly to illuminate further Christian understandings of democracy.

The second item is a tour of Flannery O’Connor’s home, the farm Andalusia. The so-called “literary traveler” drives south with some nervousness induced by “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” and the malevolences he might meet on a southern dirt road. There’s also an interview about a purportedly haunted Savannah hotel.

Finally, for something entirely different, here is songstress Ashley Cleveland’s blow-out-of-the windows rendition of “You Gotta Move.” This last one will get you going even on the slowest Monday morning . . .




  1. Having read “The Politics of Jesus” plus five of his lesser known books, it was good to hear/see Yoder’s presentation style. Thanks for that link and also the musical referral.

    Let me also thank you for “A Peculiar People, the church as culture in a post-christian society.” I read it along with many others on a personal quest: “Should America’s Christian Leaders Emphasize Political Activism? Christendom’s Great Omission: Each Believer’s Spiritual Development.” I’m still reading books for the first time, continue acquiring others, and will reread thoughtful books like yours to further mine them for related resources and to synthesize especially profound insights.

  2. Mike, thanks for the good words. Honored to have played some small role in your personal quest.

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