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Robert Jenson on Scripture as Scripture

In somewhat the same vein as my post last week, “The SBL and Faith,” I want to point to a provocative bit from Robert W. Jenson’s contribution to the forthcoming (next week? at least by SBL) book, Apocalyptic and the Future of Theology: With and beyond J. Louis Martyn (edited by Joshua B. Davis and Douglas Harink; Cascade Books). Jenson’s essay is titled “On Dogmatic/Systematic Appropriation of Paul-According-to-Martyn” (pp. 154–61). At the beginning of the essay Jenson addresses the testy relationship between “guild exegetes and the church’s theologians.” He comments in a footnote:

No reading of Scripture as Scripture in fact proceeds without theological presumptions. Since many guild exegetes pay no attention to this point, the theology that goes into their exegetical mill is subliminal and almost always childish; and so what comes out is the same. And of course, those scholars who have ceased to read Scripture as Scripture are then simply engaged in a possibly interesting antiquarian enterprise, rather like excavating nineteenth-century pots in Manhattan.

 Surely the Society of Biblical Literature is more than a bunch of pot-excavators!
Update: By request, the Table of Contents.


  1. Sounds a great book can you post the contents page …

  2. OOOooooo, yes yes, Jenson hits said nail on head with much of this! Book sounds flippin awesome

  3. Andy, the TOC is now available as a PDF download. See link inserted into the post’s update.

    Chris, it is pretty flippin’ awesome. An all-star line-up, including Jenson, Gaventa, Hauerwas, and more!

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