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Restaurants in Florence, OR

Since many in the Eugene area go to Florence and other coastal cities occasionally to get away, I thought I would provide four restaurant recommendations. Since we have also happened into some really mediocre eateries, I thought this might be of interest:

La Pomodori Ristorante: This is a nice dinner restaurant (moderately expensive) that is great for a special dinner. It is located just a couple of blocks west of Hwy 101 in a renovated house (1415 7th St.). Great seafood and desserts.

Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters: This is a great place to have coffee and snacks. It overlooks the river and has comfortable seating. It is located in Old Town on Bay Street.

1285 Restobar: This is a great place for lunch. It is sort of a pub, and also has patio seating. It is also located on Bay St. in Old Town.

The Firehouse: Also on Bay St. in Old Town, this is kind of an old-style diner with no atmosphere. But they have won numerous contests for their seafood chowder. They put cheeses on top and then bake it in the oven!

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