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The Curmudgeon List, pt. 1

I have complained enough in our editorial meetings about the way authors have incorrectly used Forward when they mean Foreword that it has become a running joke. More than once I’ve been told I should add something to my “Curmudgeon List.” I’ve mentioned things before here on the blog that might be considered a part of the list. I thought it might be good to start keeping up with these things more seriously. So, I begin here an actual Curmudgeon List. I’ll add to it from time to time with new installments. I also invite my colleagues to make their own installments when it is their day to blog. And I am sure there are authors who could create a curmudgeon list with things about their editors. Feel free to share in the comments. Without further ado here are the first five things on my curmudgeon list…


  1. It is Foreword NOT Forward (and Afterword NOT Afterward)
  2. Do NOT send an editor your whole manuscript in lieu of the  proposal form.
  3. It is et al. (short for the Latin phrase et alia [and others]). Do not put a period after et; it is not an abbreviation.
  4. If ibid. does not begin a footnote (grammatically treated like a sentence) or a new sentence within a footnote, do not capitalize it.
  5. When using a footnote citation scheme in the body, where you cite Author’s Last Name, Shortened Title, and page number, alphabetize several sources by the same author in your bibliography. Listing them in chronological order is not helpful.


  1. Christopher Layton

    May 16, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Here’s one: Which and That are not interchangeable, they do different things in sentences. Use “which” plus commas to set off nonrestrictive (unnecessary) clauses; use “that” to introduce a restrictive (necessary) clause.

  2. I’d love to use the puppet figure in your logo in my blog. Of whom should I ask permission? Thanks!

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