This post is set to go public about the same time I will be sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting on a plane for Chicago in order to attend the North Park Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture. I will have already flown from Eugene to San Francisco on a plane that departed at 5:17am. And I will be scheduled to arrive in Chicago a little before 3. The first session of the symposium is later that evening.

Given the early departure time I may very well sleep on the planes. But if I don’t sleep, I will be able to look over papers to be presented at the symposium from M. Daniel Carroll R., Paul Trebilco, Amy Laura Hall, and others on the topic of Urban Ministry.

Ultimately, you too will be able to read these papers in a more polished form when the annual journal Ex Auditu comes out next Spring. (By the way, you can get a free copy of the very first volume of Ex Auditu here.) In the meantime, you should check out some of the recent back issues. Volume 28 on Family is just a few months old and features the papers and responses from last year’s North Park symposium.