I must confess. When I am proofreading I can’t go more than a page or so (sometimes only a paragraph or two!) before I have to divert my attention elsewhere. Usually that “elsewhere” is the Web. In the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of proofreading, which means I’ve also been doing a lot of web surfing. Some things I come across stick with me; other things not so much. Below this video, which gives reference to the post’s title, is  a rundown of some of the stuff that has continued to knock around inside my head.

  • The end of the school year is right around the corner for most university, college, and seminary profs, which means exciting hours of grading final exams and term papers await. No doubt many of my friends, acquaintances, and colleagues will come across material suitable for the Tumblr lists of Undergraduate History Illustrated or S#!t My Students Write.

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  • Say what you want about Bart Ehrman. When he writes a book people talk about it. Maybe it’s because he has a lot of marketing muscle promoting his work. Maybe it’s because those turned off by Christianity—as Bart sometimes is—are looking for a champion from within the academic establishment. Maybe it’s because evangelicals (especially, but other Christians as well) have historically felt the need to respond to such “heretical” things. Maybe it’s just because Ehrman is good at what he does. Whatever the case, the biblioblogosphere (that’s now a word!) is abuzz about his newest book. The buzz had started even before the bloggers got a hold of the book. Four NT scholars, good and buzzworthy in their own right, had penned a response to Ehrman’s book to coincide with its publication. In turn, bloggers have reviewed this response book. That’s when the fun really begins. Daniel Kirk’s review of the first few chapters of the response book and Michael Bird’s rejoinder are scathing and funny at the same time. Clowns, buffoons, and Justin Bieber all make an appearance!
  • Staying with Jesus and Christology and considering even more buzz, we turn to The Jesus Wife Fragment. I could fill several lines with links to the online conversation about this supposed 4th c. Coptic fragment, but I will save time and space and point you to all of the posts Mark Goodacre has been putting up at his NT Blog. His own analysis is excellent and he links to just about everything else out there.
  •  I can’t help but think that Peter Enns has these two aforementioned blog wars in mind when he offers 6 tips on criticizing and being criticized.
  • Now on to more important matters—the UEFA Champions League Finals. It’s an all-Madrid showdown. This is the first time in Champions League history that the teams in the final come from the same city. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid got to the final in convincing fashion, going on the road and thumping Bayern Munich and Chelsea respectively. This will be the fifth Madrid derby of the year, with Real holding a slight lead (2-1-1). And already having replaced David Beckham as the pretty boy of soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo enters the match with the record for most goals in a single Champions League season. You can see the skills of Ronaldo and several other international stars in this amazing Nike video/commercial. If this doesn’t get you ready for some World Cup action, please consult a doctor.