It’s not here yet. Alas, if 2014 is typical it will take forever to get here. But summer is coming, and my mind wanders to the vast playground that is the State of Oregon. If this recent article from our local paper is to be believed, I should probably take up kayaking:

When you’re carrying a kayak through a mossy forest lit with sunshine and the trees open on the gravel shoreline of a crystal-clear river, it’s difficult to imagine living anywhere except Oregon.

Men’s Fitness recently placed the McKenzie River Trail first in its top-10 list of mountain biking trails in America. Here’s some amateur video footage that gives you a sense of the kind of cycling and beauty that’s in store for you on the MRT, which is just over an hour from where I sit right now:

When it comes to videos showcasing Oregon’s natural beauty, this one from a couple of years ago is hard to beat: