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Contemporary Pop/Rock Worship Consultation

I have just got back from an amazing consultation at Calvin College, organized by the Institute of Worship, on contemporary pop/rock worship. The institute invited about thirty folk from across the USA and Britain to spend a couple of days chatting through issues surrounding contemporary pop/rock worship.

There were theologians (like Jeremy Begbie, Lester Ruth, Steve Guthrie, David Taylor, and Todd Johnson), songwriters and worship leaders (like Graham Kendrick, David Crowder, David Gungor, and Charlie Hall), music industry people, liturgy folk, multi-cultural worship people, and more. The conversation that came out of that mix of people was really inspiring.

There were so many interesting people there—such as the lead singer of 80s pop legends After the Fire (Andy Piercy, from HTB), or Joyce Borger (who worked on the new CRC Psalm book), or Latifah Phillips of Page CXVI (who puts old hymns to great new tunes), or David M. Bailey (who works, among other things, in crafting worship in an inner city area with a whole different set of dynamics than I have to face).

And these people were all so great to hang out with. The Robin-test for whether people are nice people is this: would I want to hang out at the pup with these guys? The answer in this case was Yes—with these people I would (and did).



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  1. Robin: it was so great to have you there. Thanks for making the trek across the Pond.

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