The Yanks

Click the image to see posters for all 32 World Cup teams

Unless you live in a cave or are willfully ignoring it, you know that the World Cup begins in 14 days. If you need to familiarize yourself with the teams and the groups, you ought to be watching the incredibly entertaining Men in Blazers team and group previews. Check out the latest on the USA’s “Group of Death”:

I also recommend the Men in Blazers podcast on the Grantland network. Roger Bennett and Michael Davies are two funny in-the-know Brits who’ve been successful journalists, TV producers, film makers, authors, etc. in the States for years. Even those who are not fans of soccer will get a kick out of Rog and Davo.

Roger Bennet is also directing a multi-part series for ESPN following the USMNT as they march to Brazil. See the first two episodes here and here. The third episode is to air tonight. Here’s a short preview: