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The Oatmeal and Grammar

The Oatmeal creates some of the funniest comics, quizzes, and other things on the interwebs. Their stuff on grammar is perfect for editors, English teachers, and other grammar snobs. Here’s one of my favorites:


  1. I seaerhcd a bunch of sites and this was the best.

  2. "I know an ER doc who was assigned alimony based on the judge's estimate of what he could make if he really was trying."——-That's called "imputed income" and it's still alive and well.These men certainly aren't going to be slackers and sit on their butt – they are going to pay Princess every cent they can while SHE sits on her butt.And the thing about the boyfriend (ALSO paying for her) is a pretty common thing.I have no idea why men get married.

  3. Stay-at-home moms are the product of excessive wealth?Hrm. Seems to me that the disappearance of SAHMhood is linked to the rise of dual-income couples, which raises household wealth and consequently consumer prices, esp. housing.

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