One of the most signficant biblical scholars of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was Hermann Gunkel. He was someone who did his doctoral work in New Testament, and then, when he couldn’t get an academic position in New Testament, became a foundational figure of modern Old Testament studies. Some of his major works have finally been translated into English: Genesis, Creation and Chaos, Introduction to Psalms. His major Psalms commentary remains untranslated.
In 2001 I re-edited and brought out a group of his essays titled Water for a Thirsty Land: Israelite Literature and Religion as part of the series Fortress Classics in Biblical Studies. And in 2009 I translated his Israel and Babylon: The Babylonian Influence of Israelite Religion (Cascade Books). I have now translated his Elijah, Yahweh, and Baal.
This volume has an unusual history. A couple of years ago I began translating it, and then I set it aside because of other duties. But this year our publisher, Jon Stock, who also owns Windows Booksellers, bought a typescript copy of a translation of the work from a library. It was clearly done about 1930, but it was anonymous. I was thrilled to get it, but then I realized it was only a draft. It had missing paragraphs, none of the footnotes were included, and the whole thing was in need of heavy editing; parts of it needed total retranslating. So soon this lovely little volume will see the light of day in English.