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Wipf and Stock at SBLAAR Craft Beer Reception

As we continue to gear up for our major fall conferences in San Diego, we’re pretty excited about Wipf and Stock’s partnership in the 2014 SBLAAR Craft Beer Reception, the brainchild of John Dunne and Christopher Brewer, sponsored by Fortress Press, with additional parters in Eerdmans, Liturgical Press, Zondervan, T & T Clark, and Somersault Group. Wipf and Stock joined as a partner to the event after this promotional video was made, so we’re not mentioned by name:

But rest assured, Wipf and Stock will be there with bells on, doing our best to represent Eugene’s phenomenal craft brewing industry. While I’m confident that our beers are better than yours—what’s a beer gathering without a little smack talk!?—I’m looking forward to getting a taste of the microbrewery explosion that is quickly turning our time into a golden age of beer, all across the land. I hope someone is planning to bring some of San Diego’s finest!

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  1. Hey,

    I’ve learned from your video that women actually DON’T drink beer. Come on guys! Down with the patriarchy already! Don’t academic non-men non-whites have it hard enough already?!?!?

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