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Rod Dreher on Charles H. Featherstone’s Forthcoming Book

I was delighted to learn this morning that Rod Dreher, überblogger for The American Conservative and author of a number of books, including Crunch Cons and The Little Way of Ruthie Leming, has had a chance to read the proofs for a book he put me onto the trail of—Charles H. Featherstone’s forthcoming memoir, “My Love Is All That Matters”: A Wilderness Journey.

I’ve blogged before about how I discovered Charles and his incredible story. It’s fitting that it began with a blog post by none other than Rod Dreher. Here’s what Dreher has to say now that he’s read an uncorrected version of the book:

I read the unedited galley on the flight to Boston this morning. It started out good, and it kept getting better, and finally I couldn’t believe how good this thing was. I’m not kidding when I say this: Charles Featherstone has written an American spiritual classic. I have never read a book like this — one that’s so ragged, raw, and real. I couldn’t put it down, except that one time, when the shock of recognition was so great that I had to set the book aside and think deeply about what I had just read.

Make sure to read the whole post. It’s hard to imagine a more generous or enthusiastic endorsement of a book.



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