I have been editor in chief at Wipf and Stock Publishers since 2005. I was previously senior editor for biblical studies at Fortress Press and before that taught biblical studies and world religions at a number of seminaries, colleges, and universities.

While completing my MA and PhD in Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern studies, I taught more New Testament courses than anything else. That is what led me to coauthor, along with Douglas E. Oakman, the textbook Palestine in the Time of Jesus: Social Structures and Social Conflicts (1st ed. 1998; 2nd ed. 2008). I am currently working on a companion to that volume on ancient Israel.

I translated Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Brief Life (by Renate Bethge) from German, and Ruth: A Commentary (by Andre LaCocque) from French. I have also enjoyed revising older works that required some retranslation and heavy editing, e.g., Hermann Gunkel, Israel and Babylon: The Babylonian Influence on Israelite Religion, and Sigmund Mowinkel, Religion and Cult: The Old Testament and the Phenomenology of Religion (2012). These works follow-up on a series I inaugurated and edited at Fortress Press: Fortress Classics in Biblical Studies.