Robin is the husband of one wife, the father of two sweet daughters, the owner of a three-legged cat, and the “friend” of some little cacti.

He enjoys crime fiction and caramel (though not necessarily together).

Here is his life writ brief:

1. got born (not too far from Liverpool)

2. moved to North Wales (aged 10)

3. Became a Christian (aged almost-15)

4. Studied Theology at a Methodist College in Oxford (No — not part of the University. He is not very bright)

5. Trained to teach

6. Got married (1991) and moved to Worcester (the original one in England) to teach Philosophy and Religion to 16–19 year olds.

7. Did an MA and PhD in Old Testament (while teaching . . . well, not literally “while teaching,” but you know what I mean)

6. Moved into theological publishing: 9 Years with Paternoster then moving to Wipf and Stock in 2010.

7. Acquired cacti.

BLOG: Theological Scribbles.