From the land of great microbrews and towering Douglas firs, Wipf and Stock Publishers is the underdog team, a ragtag bunch who arrive to work with mud still on our shoes from the weekend ride or hike. Committed to writing that honors the imagination, intellect, and heart, our model is simple yet provocative: with a list as diverse as our northwest landscape, we publish based on the merits of content rather than marketability. We have no agenda and are shamelessly unapologetic about what we like: relationships, good beer, fine books, and enough coffee to keep us moving.

Cascade Books is the most selective of the four imprints of Wipf and Stock Publishers. Under this imprint we publish new books that combine academic rigor with broad appeal and readability, encompassing all the major areas of theology.

Pickwick Publications is focused on discussions within the scholarly community. Under this imprint you will find revised dissertations, scholarly monographs, collections of conference papers, festschriften, translations of historical documents, and other academically focused volumes.

Innovative and service-oriented, we are one of few publishers who handle every step of the publication process in-house, from acquisitions to printing to customer service. Our unique model means our books will always be in-print and available for ordering. We work hard to bring relationships back to the focus of publishing, because we believe in the value of voice. Let us know how we can improve your reading and writing life and we’ll do what we can to help you. Though, be warned, we don’t take ourselves very seriously.

Wipf and Stock Publishers
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