Last week Rodney posted some thoughts on haircuts and movies. Continuing the theme of haircuts, I offer this reflection.

This past weekend I headed over to Sports Clips for a routine haircut. I’ve noticed over the past several haircuts that the stylist has had to spend a lot less time on the top of my head than on the sides and back. On Saturday I noticed something else. The last bit of cutting is with the electric trimmer. With this device the stylist evens up my sideburns and neckline, and she shaves off the hair that has grown on my neck itself. What I noticed this time was that she went further down my neck, even a good bit beyond my collar line. In other words, she was no longer shaving my neck, but had worked her way onto the top of my back and shoulders. I had on a t-shirt, so she was easily able to move my collar around to reach these places no stylist had gone before. And then before turning off the trimmer she made a couple of light passes over my ears. Yes, my ears! I guess I should just appreciate her thoroughness and not worry about what these things say about my aging.