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Mashing it up: A List

Merriam-Webster defines “mash-up” as “something created by combining elements from two or more sources.” They give further definition to three kinds of mash-ups, for which the Internet can provide countless examples: music mash-ups, movie mash-ups, and web mash-ups.

Lately it’s been a distraction of mine to read Twitter mash-ups. My favorites are the Twitter accounts that mash together philosophers/theologians/etc. with some current cultural persona or theme. On Facebook today I came across a link to St. AugOsteen (a mash-up of St. Augustine and Joel Osteen). I’m going to use this blog post to start a list of these Twitter mash-ups. I could use your help. I only know of a handful. There are bound to be more out there. If you know of any that I’m missing, please leave a comment and I’ll update the post by adding them to the list.

Waste time. Laugh. Repeat.

A friend of Wipf and Stock Publishers sent us a link to a Tumblr feed  that had us wasting a good bit of time and laughing a good bit more. Here’s just one example. Click image to see more.

Discourse on the Otter

After spending some time contemplating the Otter. I found myself revisiting other sites with philosophical, theological, and/or biblical humor. Here are a few of my favorites (click images to go to sites). What ones am I missing out on? Leave a comment with a link.

Stanley Hauerwest

Kanye Hauerwest

Theology Ryan Gosling (inactive since June 2012 but still funny)

Mary is My Homegirl

Mary is My Homegirl (lots of GIFs)

The Brick Testament

The Brick Testament

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